You’re a seasoned veteran at what you’re doing. A pedigreed planner. You’ve helped dozens of people retire comfortably, send their kids to college, and then some. You are a trusted partner and friend to numerous clients, enjoying referral after referral.

And then came the internet.

As if building a website and wasn’t daunting enough, social media hit you like a ton of bricks. Why even use it? What is the ROI? How will this help my business?

You got over it and set up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles because that is what compliance allowed you to do. Someone at your broker-dealer or in your RIA told you that in order to get likes, to attract Millenials, and to have Boomers share your posts – you need content. 

So you headed over to the home office website to see who they struck deals with for content. Marketing Library, Emerald, Mc-Graw Hill and a few others were listed. Marketing Library had “made for social” posts so you chose that and were on your way…

After a few months of posting, a colleague wondered aloud why you don’t seem to get any likes, comments or shares on your content. Your answer – “I’m not really sure.”

If you find yourself in this position you’re not alone. Many financial advisors and frankly, many businesses share bland content their audiences find to be uninspiring. It isn’t because they aren’t trying, it is because they are missing these the point:

  1. Your content needs to reflect your brand, your message, your point of differentiation. There are thousands of financial advisors and RIAs. If you all share Marketing Library content every day what is the difference between you and them?
  2. Content needs to meet your prospects and clients at their point of need. They are busy people too and don’t have time to waste on yet another article about saving for college. But if they are saving for college, and you are a college planning expert, you can source, create, and share content that reflects your wisdom, your smarts, and your intelligence. That will make it worthwhile for them to follow you. And to engage with your content.
  3. The content you share must be engaging. Well written is one thing, but by using images and videos you’ll already up the ante. Add to that the way you write the content or share the content – asking questions, creating quizzes, creating voting opportunities. Make sense?


There are other nuances to sharing content your audience will care about but if you start with the three points above, I can guarantee you that prospects and clients will start to care about your content.

What else have you learned about content creation and sharing?

About Mark Cohen

Mark's reputation as a digital authority brought him to Denver, Colorado, where he was recruited to be the webmaster at Janus Funds. Janus was one of the first mutual funds to launch a financial website, and it pioneered the use of digital signatures in the industry. Mark enabled Janus to process $2 billion worth of assets through the site–and his expertise in finance marketing has grown ever since.

After five years with Janus, Mark built his second ad agency. Again he focused largely on financial services, and the company earned $3 million in top-line revenue per year. Future opportunities took him to Cambridge Investment Research in Fairfield, IA, where he served as both a marketing consultant and Associate Vice President of Digital Media. Mark led Cambridge’s social media innovation efforts, combining media savvy with industry compliance standards.

Now Mark’s at the helm of Colloquy, and he’s once again leveraging his digital and financial expertise. Colloquy’s Fintech Services division delivers smart solutions using Mark’s trademark wit and insights.

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