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About The Grey Haired Millenial

Colloquy founder Mark H Cohen often refers to himself as a “millennial with grey hair.” This blog reflects his unique insights into the intersection of digital marketing and financial services.

Mark has been a digital pioneer since the early days of Silicon Alley in New York City where he was a founding member of NYNMA, the first digital marketing teacher at NYU, and founder of one of the first digital ad agencies in NY.

Moving into Fintech, Mark’s vision and audacity enabled him to be on the forefront of many Finserv innovations including online customer self-service for mutual funds, digital signature acceptance for mutual fund account openings, and social media use by broker-dealers and financial advisors.

We hope you find the blog to be stimulating and thought-provoking. Please feel free to comment, join in the conversation, and engage Mark or guest authors in lively debate.

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